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  DeNews: An Introduction

     DeNews is a weekly e -magazine. It has been wide coverage of news from differnt areas which has direct or indirect impact on the common people of India and in some cases its also works for the world human community. DeNews not only report the news but its keeps jurnalistic views. It is policy of the denews that at any cost it will not be biased.

     DeNews is a indepandent organisation and it has no any relatiion with any political party ,grups or any kind of the thing which can harm the naturality of the news or its credibility.

   Our readers 

   Among our readers maximum are thoes people who keeps the capacity of being opinion leader.  All educated peole ,universities ,schools students or ambitious people are among my regular readers world wide.

  DeNews objectives and its uniqueness 

    DeNews is india's first weekly e-magazine whose first job is to bring out all the reserched topics and research materials on the floor which has been laying on the dustbean or in the selves of the universities or in the drawer of the dignified professors of the world.

    As we all knowe that for having a doctoral degree one have to submit his or her research report to the concern authority for the approval. After proving worthiness of that report the candidate  gets doctoral degree. It is a big conferation but once after getting the conferation of doctoral and getting in the job people dont think much more about their report. It might be possible that this particular research can changed the world in that field. And can lead great discovery for the wellness of the world and humanity.

   DeNews collects all such researched papers with the concern can be of any subject. and will make it public through DeNews weekly e-magzine. It will be open source of great knowledge for every body world wide.

  DeNews covers other aspect of the news also. It covers newsfrom Politics, science, sports, entertainment, heath, HIC\AIDS.

   We focus on creating awareness about the AIDS\HIV. We gives knowledge about the cause of the AIDS\HIV prevention from the infection. we knows that only knowledge is the weapon against this infection.


  Make our society corruption free and transform the world in to the communicative village. Our mission would not be achieved untill our society would be aware of their rights.

      Our objectives

     Bring all PhD thesis on the single platform to help new researchers and scientist 

    Make media easy available to the general domain

    To promote science and technology and news related to it.

    To make aware people about their constitutional/human rights

    To strengthen the voice of general people

    Make people aware about  AIDS through our regular informative articles

      Our financial needs

       We do not have any mechanism for raising money. We totally depends up on the donation made by NGOs,individuals, corporates, and other legal sources.We never rev ails name of any donner until they do not give us their consent for this. 

  we hope and appreciate your contribution to make a well educated society.






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  Make our society corruption free and and make media approachable to everyone.

Our objectives

 Our objectives

    To strengthen the voice of general people

    Hit hard at curruption